Weight Problems

Weight Problems

One woman went back to a lifetime where she was the leader of a clan in Scotland. The job was very demanding and she greatly felt the responsibility of it. When the man died he still felt this, and dropped a very important clue when she said (after the death), “I will never be rid of the weight of this responsibility.” Very important words that the subconscious had taken seriously and carried forth to the present life. Once this was resolved the woman was able to lose weight and manage her weight better.

Another unusual explanation for overweight came forth when a client, Rick, wanted help with his weight problem. Nothing seemed to work, especially diets that had him eating only select things in exclusion to others. During regression he went immediately to a life in some type of ancient culture. The buildings and structures did not sound like anything I have encountered or read about in history. Some of the description reminded me of the Aztecs, especially what the archaeologists have discovered. There was a rectangle courtyard surrounded by strange structures that were used as viewing stands similar to bleachers. An athlete from each of the communities competed in a game. Rick was an athlete who had been trained to do this. This game was very important because it decided the ruler of the combined communities for a season. The ruler would be rotated each season, and this was decided by which athlete won the game. Rick wore a strange uniform and his face was painted with streaks of paint. The idea of the game sounded like basketball. They ran around the court with a ball and had to throw it through a stone hoop that was mounted on the side of the courtyard. This is why I thought of the Aztecs, because the archaeologists say they uncovered a ball court in Mexico where the Aztecs played a similar game, but they claim it was played with a human head that was thrown through the stone
hoop. If this is the same location, did the game deteriorate into using human heads, or are the archaeologists incorrect? Rick was a very good athlete and won consistently. This meant that his side chose the leader for many, many seasons. He did not like working so hard, and often wished that the leaders would play instead. He was not allowed to marry, and was restricted to a strict diet that was designed to keep him lean and in wonderful physical shape. He often envied the other people because they were allowed to socialize and eat anything they wanted. His diet consisted of turtle meat, some type of white root, plenty of water, and a bitter tasting white liquid that was extracted from some fleshy plant. He had to drink the liquid every morning and evening. It often made him a little sleepy, but was essential because it was supposed to keep his muscles fit. He hated the taste and never got used to it. Eventually he became tired of playing the game, and tried to find a way to get out of it. The people loved him, but after a while they were becoming bored because of his consistent winning. The other communities did not like it, because they did not get a chance to rule. He decided he would lose, but it could not be too obvious. When he began losing it was decided to replace him. Then he was allowed to live a normal life, including eating anything he wanted. He decided to go and live with the opposing community, because they were so happy to finally get a chance to rule. There he found that their athletes were not on restrictive diets, but normal food. He was happy there, but he did not live much longer. When he was dying he felt as though his insides were on fire. The medicine man said it was a result of the white liquid he had been forced to drink all those years. It had damaged his body. When we spoke to the subconscious the connection was obvious between that life and his weight problem. The subconscious said the drink was a drug, a narcotic that caused his heart to beat faster and the digestion or metabolism of the body to be speeded up to produce good muscles and faster speed. It eventually ate holes or ulcers in his intestines, and this was what killed him. When I asked about helping him with his weight problem, the subconscious said it was not that simple. There were many factors involved that were all intermingled. Because of the authority figure (the ruler) forcing him to do something that was not in his best interest, he had learned to be suspicious and not trust those in authority (government, church, doctors, etc.). Also eating became associated with pleasure and social activity. It would be difficult to separate all these components, and he was in good enough health that the subconscious did not think it was worth it anyway. It was obvious why Rick did not do well on diets that were restrictive, where he could only eat certain foods. This brought back the memory of the other life. He now loved to cook and to eat a large variety of food. This was an unusual reason for being overweight, and one that would be difficult to help.
reason for being overweight, and one that would be difficult to help. When Rick awakened he did not remember anything, but he wanted a drink of water because of a very unpleasant bitter taste in his mouth. He said it reminded him of a time when he was a child and exploring the woods with his friend. They found some fleshy plants and chewed on them. (It was a wonder he didn’t hurt himself, because many plants in the woods are poison.) It had a bitter taste. I told him about the white liquid that he had drank for many years in that other life. He had brought this taste forward. He was fine after drinking some bottled water.


A doctor came to see me who had had bouts of asthma for many years. He was using an inhaler, but knew this was habit-forming so he wanted to get off it. He knew enough about the paranormal and metaphysics to think the answer might lie in past lives. He went back to a lifetime as a native living in the jungle in Africa. This was during the time when the French were mining asbestos underground. They would capture natives and take them into the mines to work as slaves. He was one of those captured and taken underground. The constant exposure to the asbestos fibers during the mining procedure created physical symptoms in the natives, such as bleeding through the mouth from the lungs. This would create breathing problems and eventually kill them. When this happened the French miners would just take the body into the jungle and capture another native to take their place. The man began to have the familiar symptoms and knew he would die from the irritation to his lungs. In his culture it was not wrong to commit suicide if you were in an unbearable situation, so he plunged a stake into his right shoulder area and died. When I communicated with the subconscious it was explained that the memory of that life had been carried forward, and under times of stress the breathing problem would return in the form of asthma attacks. Now that the doctor understood where the problem originated, it could be taken away. When he awakened he said, “I always wondered why I sometimes have pains in that area of my chest.” He was rubbing the exact location where he had driven in the stake. This doctor subsequently became a good friend, and about four or five years after the session I asked him about his asthma. He smiled and said, “Oh, that’s right! I used to have asthma, didn’t I?”


Many fears and phobias can be easily traced back to the way a person died in a past life. Fear of heights, fear of the dark, claustrophobia, agoraphobia are
in a past life. Fear of heights, fear of the dark, claustrophobia, agoraphobia are easy to understand when viewed from this perspective. One such case (out of hundreds I have worked with) was a woman who was claustrophobic, had a terror of having her hands or feet bound, and who couldn’t sleep all night without waking up every hour. She had an incident of deja vu when she visited the National Historic Site at Fort Smith, Arkansas, where there is an old museum and courthouse. This was where Judge Parker, the infamous “hanging judge” held his court trials from 1875 to 1897. They have also preserved the jail and reconstructed the gallows. She knew she had been there, and that it had been a horrible experience. The trip was an eerie experience for her. During the session she went back to a lifetime when she was a Confederate soldier who had been captured with several others. They were crammed into a room that was a dark space with very small windows. The fear of having her hands or feet tied came from being shackled to the wall with chains. The inability to sleep through the night was caused by not getting much sleep in such a situation, and also the fear of what was going to happen. During the next few days they were all hung. This case is only one example of how deja vu experiences can be an unconscious reminder of a past life. As well as the fascination with certain time periods and cultures (countries). These attractions are not always negative, but they carry a strong emotion that indelibly carries over through various lifetimes.