Using Hypnosis to Treat Asthma

A doctor came to see me who had had bouts of asthma for many years. He was using an inhaler, but knew this was habit-forming so he wanted to get off it. He knew enough about the paranormal and metaphysics to think the answer might lie in past lives. He went back to a lifetime as a native living in the jungle in Africa. This was during the time when the French were mining asbestos underground. They would capture natives and take them into the mines to work as slaves. He was one of those captured and taken underground. The constant exposure to the asbestos fibers during the mining procedure created physical symptoms in the natives, such as bleeding through the mouth from the lungs. This would create breathing problems and eventually kill them. When this happened the French miners would just take the body into the jungle and capture another native to take their place.

The man began to have the familiar symptoms and knew he would die from the irritation to his lungs. In his culture it was not wrong to commit suicide if you were in an unbearable situation, so he plunged a stake into his right shoulder area and died. When I communicated with the subconscious it was explained that the memory of that life had been carried forward, and under times of stress the breathing problem would return in the form of asthma attacks. Now that the doctor understood where the problem originated, it could be taken away. When he awakened he said, “I always wondered why I sometimes have pains in that area of my chest.” He was rubbing the exact location where he had driven in the stake.

This doctor subsequently became a good friend, and about four or five years after the session I asked him about his asthma. He smiled and said, “Oh, that’s right! I used to have asthma, didn’t I?”