Using Hypnosis to Manage Chronic Headaches

A woman client was a travel agent, and as such she could travel all over the world. Her headaches developed after she left Indonesia and was returning home to the United States. It was a very beautiful and relaxing vacation, and she had felt very much at home there, so she could not associate the onset of the headaches with the vacation, since nothing traumatic or unpleasant occurred there. During the regression, she went to a very idyllic lifetime in that part of the world with a wonderful family and a man who loved her very much. Her subconscious explained that when she returned to that part of the world it triggered the memories of the wonderful life, and she was upset at having to leave it again. This created the headaches. She longed to return to the place where she had been so happy. Once she went through therapy during her hypnosis session with the understanding that her past life was completed and all the people and circumstances were not different and in a different life, the headaches disappeared and have not returned.