Using Hypnosis to Resolve Phobias

Many fears and phobias can be easily traced back to the way a person died in a past life. Fear of heights, fear of the dark, claustrophobia, agoraphobia are in a past life. Fear of heights, fear of the dark, claustrophobia, agoraphobia are easy to understand when viewed from this perspective. One such case (out of hundreds I have worked with) was a woman who was claustrophobic, had a terror of having her hands or feet bound, and who couldn’t sleep all night without waking up every hour. She had an incident of deja vu when she visited the National Historic Site at Fort Smith, Arkansas, where there is an old museum and courthouse. This was where Judge Parker, the infamous “hanging judge” held his court trials from 1875 to 1897. They have also preserved the jail and reconstructed the gallows. She knew she had been there, and that it had been a horrible experience. The trip was an eerie experience for her.

During the session she went back to a lifetime when she was a Confederate soldier who had been captured with several others. They were crammed into a room that was a dark space with very small windows. The fear of having her hands or feet tied came from being shackled to the wall with chains. The inability to sleep through the night was caused by not getting much sleep in such a situation, and also the fear of what was going to happen. During the next few days they were all hung. This case is only one example of how deja vu experiences can be an unconscious reminder of a past life. As well as the fascination with certain time periods and cultures (countries). These attractions are not always negative, but they carry a strong emotion that indelibly carries over through various lifetimes.