Anger Issues

Using Hypnosis to Uncover or Resolve Anger Issues

A client was a professional nurse, who has a masters degree in psychology. She had been going to a therapist for quite a while, trying to find the answers to her problem, but wasn’t having much success with it. The only conclusions they could come up with was that something happened in her childhood that she did not remember. It still didn’t answer her questions. She was having problems with her oldest son. When she became pregnant with him she was not married, and wanted to have an abortion. The father of the child eventually wanted to marry her, and talked her into having the baby. But ever since the baby was born there was the feeling of being threatened by him, intimidated by him. She thought maybe he might have almost realized that she tried to abort him. Even though he was now an adult there were still problems.

During the session she went immediately to a scene where she was a man and was extremely angry. She had her hands around someone’s throat and was choking him. As we were able to see who the man was, she said it was her son in this life. He had found him with his wife, and was going to kill him. The wife, she suddenly flashed on, was her mother in this present life with whom she has a very bad relationship. She killed the man who was now her son. The authorities came and took her (him) away and put him into a horrible prison cell that was full of and took her (him) away and put him into a horrible prison cell that was full of rats and roaches with no windows to the outside. Very dirty, very dismal. Eventually he died in that place. The son came back in this lifetime so they could work out the negative karma, but he came back with a great deal of resentment toward her. It was no wonder she felt threatened and intimidated by this boy.

In her present life she could never understand her absolute disgust for alcoholics. The smell of alcohol, the way they talked and the way they acted, really repulsed her. When we asked about that, she definitely associated alcohol with that scene where she was choking the other person. Maybe both of them had been drinking, and this added to the extreme anger. Whatever it was, it resulted in terrible consequences. So she had to come back in this life with all the people involved to try to work out the negative karma. By realizing this and seeing it really belonged to this other lifetime, she could forgive herself and all the participants. We could leave it in the past, and this would solve the entire problem. In my work I have found there are as many ways to repay karma as there are stars in the sky. But the least desirable way to repay a murder is come back and be killed by your victim. There does not solve anything. It just keeps the wheel of karma turning, and only breeds more karma. I was told the best way for a murderer to repay for his crime is the “soft way”, through love. For instance, the person who was the murderer would be put in a position where they would have to take care of their victim. They might have to devote their entire life to taking care of that person: a dependent parent, a handicapped child, etc. They would not be allowed to have a life of their own. This is a much wiser way to repay than “an eye for an eye”.

Her psychologist had told her he didn’t object to her having past-life therapy, but he didn’t believe in it. Yet she would never in a million years have been able to find the cause of these problems through traditional orthodox therapy. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall to see what he said when she told him she no longer needed further treatment. She has found the answers in this form of therapy.