Using Hypnosis to Resolve Infertility


One case was a very overweight young woman who desperately wanted to have a baby. She had been on fertility drugs, and nothing worked. She had a terrible time with her periods and was bleeding for months at a time. The only solution was to put her on birth control pills to try to regulate her periods, which defeated the purpose of trying to conceive. She was also trying to lose weight. During the regression I asked about the inability to have a baby. The subconscious said in her last lifetime, she was a foster parent and had as many as eleven foster children. As soon as one would leave the home, another would come in. She was very good with this succession of children, and very much enjoyed them, but in this lifetime they were giving her a rest. They said not to worry, she would have a child. Her body was being regulated now, and was beginning to return to normal. The overweight was a trial she had to go through, especially as a young person and on into adulthood, to see if she could take the teasing and the vicious remarks even adults made. She had now passed the test, and was being allowed to lose the weight. By the time she gets to the point where she can have a child, the body will be in good condition. And, of course, the child will be coming at the time it is supposed to come.

She had also been overly sensitive all her life, with periods of depression, feeling all alone and deserted. She finally had a breakdown where she couldn’t stop crying. From her notes, she said, “I feel very empty inside. I often feel like the life I lead is uneventful and bland. Sometimes I feel like I am resting. Other times I fear I am waiting for disaster to strike. Always the sadness is there. How do I identify it, and what do I do to change it? The sadness has been a part of me since I was a small child, eight or nine years old.” The subconscious made a very interesting comment. It said she was supposed to have been a twin. The other entity made an agreement to come into this life with her, but at the last minute changed its mind and decided it did not want to come at this time. So the other “body” did not develop, and she was the only one born. All her life she unconsciously felt that the other part, the twin that was not there, had left her alone and abandoned. There was the feeling of sadness, that something was missing, along with the depression. That was the reason: she was missing this other entity that was supposed to accompany her in this life.

Each individual case is different for different people. I have found other cases of infertility caused by dying in childbirth in another life. An attempt by the subconscious to keep it from happening again. Sometimes the subconscious uses strange logic. The issues is not always resolved that the client becomes fertile. Sometimes it’s not in the ‘contract’ of the client to have a child in this life. The therapy helps to resolve the issue either physically or emotionally.