Using Hypnosis to Treat Chronic Eczema


This next regression involved a very pretty young woman from London. She had been studying metaphysics for several years at the College of Psychic Studies, but did not have any degrees yet. She knew the information, but always stopped short of taking the final exams or writing the final essays, etc. Her main concern was eczema all over her entire writing the final essays, etc. Her main concern was eczema all over her entire body. She had this since she was three months old. Nothing the doctors tried had much effect. As a child she was hospitalized for several months trying to find something that would work. She had been on steroids, but they had side effects. She tried Chinese herbal medicine and got some relief, but it also caused stomach infections. She was currently using a cream that kept it from appearing so bad on her face. In the worst stages her whole body itched and burned. She wanted help relieving this, although she had had this for most of her life and it was definitely a part of her. She felt if it were removed, then a part of her would be taken away. It would have to be replaced with something.

As soon as she entered the deep trance she saw a bright light, and realized she was looking into a fire. The fire was at her feet and was spreading up her body. She was becoming upset so I moved her to where she could observe it objectively. She saw that she (as a man) and others were tied to stakes in a field near some woods, and were being burned at the stake. As we went back to the beginning of the story she saw that she and several other men lived in a large manor house or estate and were gnostics. They lived quietly studying and writing in large books, not bothering anyone. However the local officials thought they were dangerous and working with the Devil. The officials were spurred on by the religious community, who also saw them as a danger. One night they were awakened by dogs and men bursting into the house. He and some of the others ran through the woods chased by men and dogs, and were captured. They were taken to a place in town where they were horribly tortured, trying to make them reveal where they had hidden the books. During the torture there was a lot of damage done to his face, especially the jaw and eye (which have given the woman trouble in this life). Finally, when they couldn’t get any more information the gnostics were taken to a large room for a mock trial. By that time he was in much pain and was completely disoriented so that he could not participate in the trial, or answer any of the accusations. He just sat there in a stupor and heard everything going on around him as though in a dream. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because the trial was just a sham, a formality. They were then taken out to the field near the woods and burned at the stake. He and the others had done nothing wrong. They only possessed secret knowledge that they were attempting to preserve. She said some of the books had been hidden where the people in that day would never find them.

This has happened countless times down through history. There have always been groups of gnostics trying to preserve knowledge, and there have always been other groups trying to gain that knowledge to use for their own purposes. This was the real reason for the so-called “witch trials” during the Inquisition. The Church was trying to get rid of those who possessed secret knowledge that they had been unsuccessful in trying to obtain. Now we know that nothing is ever lost. The knowledge was hidden in the safest place of all: the human subconscious. The subconscious acknowledged that watching the fire move up the body was the cause of the eczema. The burning and itching was symbolic of that death. It was easy to see why she was unable to finish her metaphysical courses in her present life. She was unconsciously afraid that the same thing would happen again if she obtained knowledge, although this had not kept her from seeking and studying it. I had to convince the subconscious that being burned at the stake would be very unlikely to happen again, because she was living in a totally different time period. The eczema could also be taken away because the cause was recognized, and the need for it was gone. I remembered her statement that if it was taken away it would have to be replaced with something else. She was shown another life in Holland so she could see that at one time she possessed a strong healthy body. She really liked that body, so the subconscious said she could replace the eczema with the healthy body vision of the Dutch girl. This made her very happy and she agreed to allow it to happen.