Using Hypnosis to Treat Severe Long-Term Depression


A woman had extreme sadness all her life, depression, etc. She had a repeatable pattern in her life of abandonment, rejection, the feeling of being unworthy, the throw-away child, and fear of “what”? She had been abandoned as a little child and raised in an orphanage. There were troubles with men, marriage, jobs, always the feeling of not being worth anything and not able to accomplish anything. She also suffered from migraines, which I began to think were her way of punishing herself. A very dismal, pitiful person.

We went through an important lifetime that explained her situation. She saw herself running through the streets of a city carrying a year old baby. All the people were running frantically, screaming, because they were being chased by many soldiers on horseback. Obviously some type of invasion was going on. In fear for her life, she was trying to find someplace to hide. Her baby was crying, and she was afraid that would cause attention and they would find her. So she put the baby down next to a wall and ran to hide inside a building. She thought, surely no one would harm a baby. But as she watched, the soldiers rode down the street and killed the baby. She was so overcome with grief that she didn’t even care when they found her and raped her, before killing her. She blamed herself for the death of the child, thinking she should have kept it with her. Either way they both would have died, but she was not thinking of that. She only blamed herself for abandoning the child. She was distraught even on the spirit side.

She brought the grief and torment forward into this lifetime and repeated the punishment pattern. I asked her if she could forgive the soldiers for killing her baby? She said, yes, she could, because they were just doing their “man” thing. But she could never forgive herself for deserting the baby. After much negotiation with the subconscious, I finally got her to forgive herself. It was very difficult, but was a relief when she was able to do it. When she awakened and we discussed it, I told her she had been beating herself up for too many lifetimes, and it was time to let it go. Besides, if we had taken her back further into prior lifetimes I would be willing to bet we would find that she was repaying karma for doing the same thing as a soldier. What goes around comes around. She felt a tremendous relief after the session. The feeling of unworthiness disappeared and was replaced by one of hope and expectation. I felt she had made a turning point in her life. It was time to stop punishing herself, and start living.